Heat Recovery

A Heat Recovery Ventilation System is an extremely efficient, health-beneficial, cost effective solution to saving energy. The HRV System will provide a continuous supply of clean, fresh, filtered air while at the same time recovering and re-distributing heat throughout your home. Our team are on hand to assist with the Installation of the Heat Recovery system throughout North Wales.

Typically the HRV unit will sit in your attic and is connected to the outside by 2 lines of ducting- one to supply fresh air and one to expel stale air. The ducting is connected to your rooms by small ceiling valves. The first line of ducting extracts warm, moist, stale air from areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms and expels it outside. However, before doing so the HRV unit absorbs the heat of this air in its heat exchanger. The fresh air coming in from outside is filtered, warmed in the heat exchanger to 97% of the heat that went out, and then supplied to rooms such as bedrooms, the study, playrooms etc. As both the supply & extract ducts remain separate at all times, no cross contamination occurs. A good HRV unit will come with a Summer Bypass to ensure your home or building remains cool during hot weather.

The Benefits of a Good Heat Recovery Ventilation System:

Enables draft free ventilation Delivers pure fresh filtered air 24/7 Helps re-distribute heat throughout house with a high rate of heat recovery (up to 97%) Has Pollen Filters to reduce allergies caused by dust or stale air (e.g. Asthma) Silent operation Eliminates condensation, Prevent mould, and Removes Radon

HRV is especially suitable for well insulated new dwellings and is easily installed during the construction process, HRV systems are also suitable for renovation projects. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.