Biomass heating uses wood as a fuel to heat homes and business premisses.

The difference between an open fire and biomass heting systems is the efficiency that they will work at, typically the efficeincy of an open fire is 25% whereas a well-designed modern wood stove or boiler will work at 80-90% efficiency.

Carbon-neutral – Burning wood produces only as much carbon dioxide as was absorbed when the tree was growing.

Pellet room heaters that light automatically can have a back boiler which will heat a few radiators.

Pellet boilers are fully automatic and modulated, they are used in exactly the same was as a modern boiler is used, however they require a lot of space for the boiler and a suitable and large space for the storage of the pellets.

Log boilers and gazification boilers that require a quality supply of dry timber are great solution if you have a supply of timber on site or have a suitabel local supplier. Log boilers are connected to large heat accumulator tanks that allow the hot water from the boiler to be used when and where it’s required.

We can combine biomass heating systems with Solar Photovoltaic systems, in this case a electric heating element is used to heat water in the heat accumulator, this is particulary usefull in summer when you might not want the heat from the fire.

There are many important considerations when deciding what the correct heating system is for your property. Let us produce a feasibilty study that will result in finding the most suitable and energy efficient system for you.