Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal / Water Heating gathers energy from the sun and converts it into useful heat in the form of hot water.

A well designed system will typically meet up to 60% of your home’s hot water needs over the year and up to 100% in the summer.

Solar thermal systems are normally installed to work alongside a conventional heating system and can be integrated with new or existig boilers.

A typical instalation would consist of one or two solar panles on the roof, control systems inside the property and a hot water storage tank together with a boiler.

Correct choice, design and placement of the solar pannels is crucial to the efficiency of the system, we only use products from quality and recognised manufacturing brands.

There are restrictions that deem the suitability of a property, roof orientation, angle, shading, size and structure have to be considered, let us carry out a feasibilty study to see if your home or business premisses is suitable for solar water heating.