Rain Water Harvesting

A Rain Water Harvesting system stores rain water for use internally in toilets and washing machines and externally to water gardens and wash cars etc. There are many options available to suit domestic and commercial applications and each system is designed specifically for the job.

Toilet flushing, washing machines and outside use account for over 50 % of the water use of the average house. Most or all of this can be replaced by rainwater and at the same time reducing the stress on the mains water supply.

During flash floods the amount of water in the drainage system is reduced so surcharging of the sewer is less likely and can reduce localised flooding.   Rainwater harvesting systems are particularly suited for installation in a new build property but can also be installed as a retrofit.

For a full consultation on the right system for you and on associated Building Regulations and Planning Permission issues then get in touch.

On average between 40 and 50 % of a housesholds water usage can be achieved with rain water harvesting systems supplying washing machine, outside tap and wc flushing.

In commercial applications as much as 90 % of the water requiremet ca be from rain water harvesting.