Waste Water Heat Recovery

Waste Water Heat Recovery is a innovative new idea, waste water from showers can be used to heat the incomming water to the shower, increasing the temperature of the water going into the electric shower reduces the electrical energy needed to heat the water to the required showering temperature.

There are various types of systems available, for 1st floor showers in new builds and rennovations the soil pipe heat exchanger can be located on the internal soil stack on the groud floor.

Other systems take the form of shower trays or drain grills for wet room floors but all have the same basic function of taking heat from the water used and using it to preheat the mains water into the shower. Up to 40 % energy saving for a electrical shower can be achieved.

Waste Water Heat Recovery systems are suitable for Domestic and Commercial use, contact us early in the design stage of your new build or renovation to discuss your requirements.