Waste Water Recycling

The team at Glas Renewables offer Waste Water Recycling solutions throughout North Wales.

Waste water from all sources in a property other than toilets is known as grey water.

Most grey water recycling systems collect and treat waste water from showers, baths and wash basins, excluding the more contaminated water from washing machines, kitchen sinks and dishwashers. Grey water recycling systems collect this water, treat it and re-use it for purposes that do not require drinking water quality. This recycled water can be used to flush toilets, water gardens and sometimes feed washing machines.

Grey water recycling systems can be installed in new or existing buildings and have the potential to meet a significant proportion of domestic demand for water.

By using a grey water harvesting system you can make up to a 30% reduction in water consumption, reducing water bills without changing the house holder’s behaviour.  These systems are easy to install and maintain.

There are 3 main types of Greywater recycling systems

Direct Re-use systems

Usually used in the garden so easy to retrofit, in this sytem the water is only coarsely filtered and thenn immediately used for sub-surface irrigation of the garden, during autumn ad winter the water can be diverted directly to the drain by closing 1 valve.

Short retention systems with chemical treatment

A complete system located with a back to wall wc frame, ideally suited for new build due to the space required behind the wc. These systems store a small amount of water for flushing use only, the water is coarselt filtered and can be treated with biocides to reduce potential for anaerobic decomposition.

Bio-mechanical and Biological Treatment systems

These systems use aerobic bacteria to produce a high quality recycled water that has the potential to be used for washing machines, water the garde with a hoze (rather than undergroud irrigation) and wc flushing. Typically these systems cans tore 300-900 lts of water.

For a full consultation on the right system for you and on associated Building Regulations and Planning Permission issues then get in touch.